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Visionbank to formally announced transformation + Internet platform service providers to construction projects

China securities network - May 19, visionbank amounted to (35.85, 1.00, 2.71%) investor conference. Bio, visionbank President xiao-ping jia officially visionbank will implement the strategic transformation, building construction engineering + Internet platform service providers.

All the way in the new normal, Internet + and area under the background of national strategy, the traditional construction industry facing important opportunities and challenges, visionbank of subsoil in the industry for many years, with professional technology, resources, such as hard to shake the competitive advantage, therefore, visionbank for those routes, to carry out the strategic transformation, both to shoulder the mission of new ecological building construction field, and ensure the quality of continuous development and expansion of the company, enhance core competitiveness.

Xiao-ping jia said, visionbank transformation strategy available "two together, two circles, one built" to describe, pointing to the huge potential market. "Two together" is to get together and people, and gather amount shall be borne by the popular material net, polymerization between the purchaser and supplier batch purchase, provide a lower cost, "poly people" around the parties involved in the construction site; "Two circles" refers to the "enclosure" and "floor", namely is to circle the construction site and LouYuYun d; "Building" is the "building", the component library based on BIM, establish the core advantage, get big data, to carry out project as the core of credit reporting service.

Xiao-ping jia, meanwhile, combined with macro, industry and visionbank reach their own actual situation, interpreted the reason, target of visionbank of transformation.

From a macro perspective, the Internet + the trend of The Times, to average consumer, from aspects of the use, the online retail, little difference between our country and the United States and other developed countries, and even some aspects has surpassed the United States. For corporate users, our Internet use and Internet retail rate is only 21%, 20-25%, the United States accounts for 55-72 and 72-63%, development degree is only a third of that in the United States in our country, therefore, the Chinese industry the development of the Internet space is huge, is flourishing.

From the point of construction industry, construction industry is the development trend of green and wisdom, and the national housing also launched main measures of promoting new industrialization construction, namely, to promote construction of motors, wisdom, greening, which requires construction enterprises from the aspects of technology and management level of continuous improvement and innovation. Therefore, visionbank with BIM, Internet of things, intelligent hardware, big data and cloud computing, mobile Internet as the main means of information technology, to support and guide the development of the traditional construction industry. Especially, the Internet + will reconstruct the new ecological construction, not only the existing entities builders, will rely on the birth of Internet platform hardware and software vendors, Internet service providers, professional consulting services, credit bureaus, such as financial partner digital builders. Therefore, the construction industry informatization in procurement, construction, big data, financial, operational exist in such aspects as the potential are extremely huge market scale and space, broad prospects.

From visionbank of itself, the company is China's first listed software company informatization construction engineering industry, has focused on informatization construction industry, with all kinds of independent intellectual property rights of core technology and patent, at the same time, through years of cultivation, visionbank accumulated a lot of customer resources and data, with other companies incomparable industry status and advantage.

Xiao-ping jia visionbank was introduced in detail in the meeting of the development direction of the business sector during the period of transition, the next three years, visionbank da will gather people and circle (work), big data, based on the credit system of the project, e-commerce, Internet financial breakthrough, large-scale promotion, visionbank in internationalization, at the same time actively in southeast Asia, Europe, North America market and strengthen development layout.

Then, visionbank related business department head respectively from professional application, data services, e-commerce, Internet financial and internationalization direction for the company's specific business sector has carried on the explanation of the introduction and interpretation. At present, visionbank each transformation work going in an orderly way, and each business sector is progressing, the layout in the long run, specific goals.

Conference, many investors said, now in the past in the vertical field of IT service vendors, industry to the Internet, is the biggest opportunity visionbank also based on the change of external environment, and connecting with the accumulation and advantages, and actively to the transformation of construction engineering + Internet platform service providers, clear steps, layout. The transformation, will also become a traditional construction industry a benchmarking, Internet + visionbank da will not only continue to lead the construction industry development direction, will also become a new ecological building construction industry.